Whenever i recall the time where we started, how we rose, and where we stand now, i feel proud and honored. EM-Marketing has truly had an exciting journey full of growth, challenges, aspirations, hard work and dedication, and most importantly great achievements. Our journey taught us that everything is possible. We can achieve everything, but only if we truly seek it. Finally, let me share with you the secret of our success, which is working through scientific knowledge in the future. We follow specific mechanisms & deliberate steps to develop our projects. Equally, we apply the highest levels of professionalism in everything we do. We do not believe in rushing to outcomes or projects based haste. Neither do we enter any project while thinking of exit strategies, our thinking is always focused on long-term sustainable work, achievements, & most important happy clients


In 2005, we realized that focusing on marketing as a process for developing credible and potential customers is the greatest method to improve the revenue of our clients. EM-Marketing helps companies turn their marketing efforts into a quantitative and systematic customer acquisition strategy.


EM-Marketing has evolved from a small start-up in 2005 to a well-established marketing company globally.


We aspire to be recognized as one of the leading digital agencies in the UAE. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, which has enabled us to develop alongside companies as they return to us for originality, transparency, and efficiency. We help clients get their stories straight and equip them with the tools needed to move confidently into the future. We believe that every business has its way of making an impact. We create new ideas that convert into stories and thrive on change.


We offer 360-degree digital services under one roof. We intend on engaging all our clients to transform their digital spaces into a single consistent reflection of their brands. We envision forming strong partnerships with clients to uplift every industry in UAE and transform it into a recognized international hub. Our team consists of highly skilled staff, strategists, media specialists, and business professionals with extensive experience in public relations, marketing, branding, reputation management, content creation, and digital marketing.