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Whenever i recall the time where we started, how we rose, and where we stand now, i feel proud and honored. EM-Marketing has truly had an exciting journey full of growth, challenges, aspirations, hard work and dedication, and most importantly great achievements. Our journey taught us that everything is possible. We can achieve everything, but only if we truly seek it.
Finally, let me share with you the secret of our success, which is working through scientific knowledge in the future.

We follow specific mechanisms & deliberate steps to develop our projects. Equally, we apply the highest levels of professionalism in everything we do. We do not believe in rushing to outcomes or projects based haste. Neither do we enter any project while thinking of exit strategies, our thinking is always focused on long-term sustainable work, achievements, & most important happy clients.


Growing is good but evolving is better.

As Social Media Marketing experts, you will be offered the following services of which, you will have the option to choose which services you want to avail of best, let us decide based on what we believe fits your business.


Permanent activity on social media is mandatory in the shape of posting the company’s services/product ads. Otherwise, the audience will have an impression of your company being either a scam or run by nonexistent people until and unless you have a constant supply of materials to read and interact with when they find a group or a page on social media.

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We are a full-service digital marketing agency, equipped with a team of peerless and unrivalled digital marketers dedicated to elevating your brand through cutting-edge digital marketing solutions.





Digital marketing involves using social media, SEO, and advertising to promote your brand online. These digital platforms are used by your target audience to find products and services...


Whenever I recall the time where we started, how we rose, and where we stand now, I feel proud and honored. EM-Marketing has truly had an exciting journey full of growth, challenges, aspirations...


Digital marketing strategy involves an assessment of specific goals that are achievable through online channels. A well-executed digital marketing plan can be crucial to business success...

Asghar Ali

Digital Marketing Strategist

Asghar Ali is a digital marketing strategist. Have much passionate about Digital Marketing and the trends in this industry since 2005. He is Google Ads certified, Social Media Ads Manager & SEO Consultants. He has trained thousands of executives & business owners over the years. Helped more than 1500 companies achieve their digital marketing results. He also founded EM Marketing Agency which is a Lead Generation Company in Dubai. Know more about Asghar Ali on LinkedIn or Hire Him.


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Richard Sanchez

Project Coordinator

Omar Rishad Choudry

Project Manager

Anna Katrina

Digital Marketer

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Design Manager

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Web Designer

We are ready to uplift your brand like many others in the past!